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IWES 2020 - 5th Italian Workshop on Embedded Systems

The Italian Workshop on Embedded Systems (IWES) ai ...

4th Italian Workshop on Embedded Systems @Napoli

Il workshop è l'evento annuale in cui si riuniscono i membri ...

The Italian Workshop on Embedded Systems (IWES) aims at providing the Italian community with a meeting point for the exchange of research experience in academy and industry on all aspects of embedded systems. 

February 8-9, 2021 

Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering (DIEEI) University of Catania

 The workshop aims at:

 Providing a forum where researchers on embedded systems can present their work, exchange ideas, receive constructive feedback, and interact with the other research groups in the country, thus offering an opportunity for meeting, programming and organising projects, research work or other initiatives.

 Facilitating connections and building synergies between Academy and Industry, by providing a place where companies involved in the Embedded Systems business can showcase their current technical challenges and strategic interests and conveniently get up-to-date with the research lines and latest results achieved by the Italian research community on the topic.

 Increasing awareness of the importance of the Embedded Systems business among B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in Computer Science and Engineering and of the career opportunities offered by companies active in the field.

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