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Regulation on a European Approach for Artificial intelligence

The European Commission is about to release an important policy package, which will include a proposal for a “Regulation on a European Approach for Artificial intelligence”. This will be the first attempt to define a comprehensive regulatory framework for AI, dealing with essential aspects such as the definition of high-risk applications, regulatory obligations for providers of AI systems, the post-market surveillance of AI, the conformity assessment of high-risk AI applications and the possible creation of a new AI Board. This will be a very ambitious proposal, which has been expected for several months also outside the EU, where several countries are considering regulating specific uses of AI.

CEPS has organized a webinar with the participation of the Director for AI and Digital Industry at the European Commission DG CONNECT, Lucilla Sioli, for an informal debate followed by a round of first impressions on the content of the proposal.

Friday 23 Apr 2021 / 17:00 - 18:30 (CET)

For more information and to attend the event:


To download the proposal:


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