Laboratorio Digital Health


Prof. Corrado Priami

University of Pisa
is in charge of designing and implementing the strategy of the lab. The director is responsible for all the activities of the lab and oversees all the processes ensuring that high quality results are timely delivered. The director is also setting and monitoring the communication strategy of the lab by maintaining appropriate institutional and industrial relationships. Special focus of the director will be stimulating and pushing translational science to provide the society and the Country with actionable research products. The director is in charge of the scouting for identifying missing expertise and finding groups that can provide those skills to ensure smooth progress of the lab activities. The director is assisted by a co-director, a strategy board and a management board. The director is a member of the strategy board and of the management board.


Prof. Mario Bochicchio

University of Bari
assists the director in the implementation of the strategy and in overseeing the activities of the lab. The co-director has responsibilities on national and EU calls to stimulate and help developing competitive projects that the lab leads at national and European level. The co-director is also in charge of coordinating the academic research of the lab. The co-director is a member of the strategy board and management board.

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