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ERF 2021 Session on AI and Robotics: Intelligent, Learning and Trustworthy Robots

On the 13th of April 2021, the Session on "AI and Robotics: Intelligent, Learning and Trustworthy Robots" will be held within the European Robotics Forum (ERF 2021). The workshop is organized by Andrea Orlandini, Alberto Finzi (Naples University), Marco Huber (IPA Fraunhofer) and Sotiris Makris (LMS Patras University).

Robotics is one of the most appealing and natural application area for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) research community. Advances in AI research in Robotics applications are fostering key enabling technologies such as, for instance, decisional and long term autonomy, learning, adaptability, interaction ability, dependability, and (more in general) cognitive abilities in Robotic platforms. Therefore, it seems essential for AI and Robotics research communities to respond to the challenges that these applications pose and contribute to the advance of intelligent robotics.

This workshop aims to provide an opportunity for researchers, innovators and industries communities to discuss current results in EU-funded projects, common interests and efforts, figure out shared challenges and discuss expectations about future developments in AI and Robotics.

Registration available HERE

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