PP & S - PROBLEM POSING & SOLVING for the implementation of the National Guidelines and the Guidelines relating to the teaching of mathematics and computer science from the New high schools, technical and vocational schools.

The project, sponsored by the Directorate General for the Ordinances, in collaboration with AICA, CNR, Turin Polytechnic and University aims to help achieve the change proposed by regulations with the transition from "ministerial programs of instruction" to the National Guidelines for high schools and the Guidelines for technical and vocational schools.
A change that entrust the teacher a clearer management of knowledge and independent design of educational courses best suited to the achievement of learning outcomes that specifications and guidelines decline and secure for the entire national territory.
The project aims to enable, in view of the culture of interdisciplinary problem posing & solving, a collective comparison of innovative ways to acquire specific knowledge, skills and competencies related to the scope of the teachings of mathematics and computer science, proposing, also, to process and use on a large scale specific verification tests which make comparable learning outcomes achieved.
Goals of the project:

1.       Developing a training integrated which interconnect logic, mathematics and computer science;

2.        Building a culture posing Problem solving & investing, in the wide application domain of disciplinary strategies, also of address, a systematic activity based on the use of logical-mathematical and computer tools in the formalization, quantification, simulation and analysis of problems of adequate complexity.

3.       Ensure growth of computer culture of teaching  to accompany the transformation promoted.

4.       Take a significant amount of activity on the network with shares of supply teaching, mentoring, self-assessment.

The project focuses on the second two years of higher education institutions and requires involvement of educational institutions, starting with a representative group of 110 schools, identified at national level, with the function of "poles" of regional networks for the dissemination of culture & solving and problem posing teaching tools made available by the project partners.

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