IT ADMINISTRATOR Certification  ranks in a distinct and separate path from the EUCIP Base + EUCIP Elective and addresses the professional who performs the role of supervision of small ICT systems, exercising operational functions of controller and supervisor.
In his role, the IT Administrator can:

    -administer information systems of small size, typically configured in client-server mode;
    identify and solve problems of the first level; diagnose problems of higher complexity and seek specialist able to solve them;
    -identify needs (updates, modifications, extensions, etc.) of the information system and an interface with specialists / suppliers;
    -be the reference point for users of the information system which is supervisor.

IT Administrator certifications are divided into:
- a basic certification, IT Administrator Fundamentals;
 - specialist certifications for different areas of the IT infrastructure.
IT Administrator Fundamentals covers, at the level of basic skills and with a single certification exam automated, the entire spectrum of activities of a system administrator.

The IT Administrator specialist modules, which provide automated test and practical examinations in the laboratory, delve into the individual areas of expertise: PC Hardware, Operating Systems, LAN and network services, use expert network, Computer security.
IT Administrator is completely scalable; each candidate can choose, according to your needs, the number and sequence of the certifications that intends to achieve.
The modules of the IT Administrator certification are the following:

     Hardware (Hardware)
     Operating Systems (OS)
     Network Services (LAN and network services)
     Network Expert User (Using expert network)
     Security (Information Security)

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