The European initiative for a "Body of Knowledge" and the "ICT Framework"

Within the activities of '' E-Skills Forum ", a series of workshops and projects
supported by a number of "stakeholders" in the entire European Union, with the sponsorship and the political endorsement of the "DG Enterprise and Industry", in 2014
a draft of a "Foundational Body of Knowledge" has been commissioned with the aim to specify the knowledge and ICT fundamentals for all the ICT professions, as perceived from the corporate world.
The preparation of this BoK, assigned by contract to CapGemini, Ernst & Young and IDC, has seen
the participation of many experts. We publish below the speech held by the Director
of the laboratory during one of the meetings of critical analysis of the work done.

The final version of the BoK has been published on the website of the e-Skills Forum and
also attached in this page.
The document lends itself to an analysis of the expectations of the business world and can provide food for thought for the world of academic education (and not only).

That projects continues in 2016 to estabilish a complete "framework" for the ICT profession, that will be 
based on four "pillars":

1) e-competences (on the basis of eCF);
2) knowledge (Foundational Body of Knowledge);
3) education, training and certification;
4) profession ethics.

The project will launch in 2016 three "pilots", to test the effectiveness of the framework; one of the pilots will
be based in Italy, and the CFC lab has candidated itself to be a partner.

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