Tipologia progetto

Nazionale - Bando PON Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013 per le Regioni della Convergenza  - PON01_01007/F



PLATform for INnOvative services in future Internet – PLATINO FORM

Ruolo CINI               





  •          Telecom Italia
  •          Consorzio per la Ricerca nella Automazione e nelle Telecomunicazioni
  •          Politecnico di Bari
  •          TopNetwork
  •          Seven One Solution


This project aims at the development of an education plan, aimed at young professionals with a good study CV, providing them with the technical and management skills necessary to living birth to innovative projects in the framework of platforms for the distribution and provisioning of heterogeneous and differentiated contents and services, delivered via different telecommunication networks, able to adapt to end user terminal capabilities and to the user-side environmental conditions. Such services must be personalized according to user preferences and capabilities, in order to assure quality of service, and the developed platforms must be enable the measurement and maximization of user satisfaction, his Quality of Experience.

Attività CINI (inglese)


CINI contributes to carry out all the training project, throughout the using of its facilities and infrastructure            

Responsabile CINI


Prof. Antonio Pescapè


01/07/2013 – 31/07/2014

Sito web del progetto


  1. antonio.pescape@unina.it

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