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Opere Parlanti Show - OPS

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Project main objective is to transform the museum in an essential dynamic instrument for knowledge and growth for people. Most advanced ICT technologies leaving the museum’s role as guardian of the originality of the artworks, at the same time quickly and efficiently provide the network of references, for example, between that artwork and the city and the historical period in which it was produced, the reasons that have influenced its birth, the role of this artwork in the context in which it is born, etc.. Thanks to technology the artworks is effectively “dressed” of its context, somehow compensated and returned to its context, and it is thus plausible that the approaches to the artwork of the user can change, artworks can be “interrogated” in more ways and provide more answers, and consequently the level of interest and engagement of the visitors could rise. In the project of the platform OPS are included all the activities that involving the whole productive chain from knowledge to the protection, enhancement and fruition of cultural heritage. The innovation of processes and product that we intend to study and experiment is the carrier of a new sustainable model of knowledge and enhancement that is capable of preserving heritage for future generations.

Responsabile CINI

Prof. Angelo Chianese


01/11/2013 - 31/10/2015

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