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How to estimate costs of poor quality in a Software QA project: a novel approach to support management decisions - ICEBERG

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  •          Assioma.net SRL (coordinator)
  •          Universidad de Alcala (UAH)
  •           DEISER, Desarrollo e Integracion Desistemas  SL (DEISER)


The aim of the project is divided basically into two goals, one is more properly related to the development and sharing of know-how, the other more specifically and concretely operational.

1 - Encourage research areas:

  •          creation of a strong network of researchers involving commercial and not commercial realities to promote cooperation on the basis of joint research projects;
  •          promote innovation and the sharing of expertise through periods of transfer for researchers;

provide researchers with a much more of opportunities and contexts of research and sharing of experiences.

2 - Analyze, define and implement models that, applied to processes of Software Quality Assurance, able to:

  •          identify activities which combine to generate a poor quality of projects within the Software Quality Assurance;
  •          develop a methodology for estimating the costs associated with the implementation of a part of the testing activities required to achieve a given level of quality, on the other hand the non-implementation or deployment Incomplete / incorrect activities;
  •          iteratively collect data in order to use them for improving the estimation of the costs;
  •          analyze the results in order to support decision making related to investments and choices to be made at the management level of the Software Quality Assurance (with particular reference to the Telco and Finance).

These models contain a description of all the major elements and factors that contribute to the overall cost of quality and allow you to find more easily the most suitable balance between cost and quality levels expected.

Responsabile CINI


Prof. Stefano Russo


01/12/2013 - 31/01/2017

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