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 Situation A Ware Security Operations Center - SAWSOC

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Selex (coordinator)

Fraunhofer Gesellschat zur Foederung der Angewadten forschung E.V.

The Israel Electric Corporation Ltd

ENAV S.p.a.

Intercede LTD

Epsion LTD

Lonix OY

Bergische Universitaet Wuppertal

Esaprojekt SP Z OO

Comarch S.A.


SAWSOC aims at bringing a significant advancement in the convergence of physical and logical security meaning: effective cooperation (i.e. a coordinated and resultsoriented effort to work together) among previously disjointed functions.

Recently some achievements have been made (e.g. SEM and SIEM have merged into SIEM, and LACS and PACS have merged into IM), Security Operation Centers (SOC) technology has improved significantly, but much is yet to be done. SAWSOC holistic approach and enhanced awareness technology will allow dependable (i.e.

accurate, timely, and trustworthy) detection and diagnosis of attacks.

Which will ultimately result in the achievement of two goals of paramount importance, and precisely:

1) Guaranteeing the protection of citizens and assets, and

2) Improving the perception of security by citizens

Responsabile CINI

Prof. Luigi Romano


 Dal 01/11/2013 al 30/04/2016

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