BIG DATA Laboratory

The Laboratory includes 32 joining Nodes, distributed over the country and corresponding to 32 Italian Universities that are members of the CINI consortium.

Each joining Node includes a contact person, professors with a permanent position, and researchers with non-permanent positions (Ph.D. students , post-doc, research assistants). The areas of expertise of each Node are listed below.


# University Contact person  Area Members with permanent position Areas of expertise Status of agreement
1 Università degli studi dell'AQUILA Mattia D'EMIDIO
Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 15 1) Algorithms for massive and evolving networked data sets  
          2) Algorithms for Bioinformatics
2 Università degli Studi di BARI “Aldo Moro” Donato MALERBA Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 19

1) Data Mining with diverse structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

          2) Multi-relational data mining
          3) Visual Analytics
          4) Methods based on fuzzy logic for the extraction of interpretable knowledge
          5) Cultural heritage valorization by means of new technologies
3 Università di BOLOGNA Marco PATELLA Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 10 1) Cloud-based systems for supporting Big Data for Smart City Approved
          2) Data indexing and query processing for non-conventional data
          3) Data & text mining, indexing and routing in distributed environments 
          4) Social Business Intelligence: Big Data applied to User Generated Content 
          5) Business Intelligence on Big Data
4 Libera Università di BOLZANO Diego CALVANESE  Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 9 1) Scalable High Level Access to Big Data Approved
          2) Context-aware and mobile recommender systems
          3) Spatio-temporal data in data intensive applications
          4) Analytics and visualization of both data and processes for decision making in business and software development 
          5) Big Data Quality Management and Effects in Business Decision Making
5 Università degli Studi di BRESCIA Devis BIANCHINI Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 3 1) Modeling and clustering of shared resources


          2) Web services and Web API discovery
6 Università della CALABRIA Domenico SACCA' Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 19 1) Data Posting on the Web using NOSQL platforms Approved
          2) Big Data query languages
          3) Big Data Analysis on Clouds: Techniques, tools and applications of big data analysis on Cloud Computing systems
          4) Information Network Analysis and Mining: Models, Methods, and Applications
7 Università degli Studi di CASSINO e del Lazio Meridionale Claudio DE STEFANO Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 6 1) User profiling and  e web services personalization Under verification by administrative offices?
          2) Handwritten multi-lingual and multi-alphabet document processing
          3) ROC-based learning algorithms for binary classifiers
8 Università degli Studi di CATANIA Daniela GIORDANO  Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 5 1) Cybersecurity And Big Data Analytics  Under verification by administrative offices  
          2) Big Data Analytics and Recommendation 
          3) Parallel and distributed computing for Knowledge Discovery from heterogeneous data
9 Università degli Studi di FERRARA Fabrizio RIGUZZI Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 8 1) Data mining and data integration techniques and applications Approved
          2) Statistical relational learning
          3) Parallel and distributed computing for Big Data
10 Università degli Studi di FIRENZE Alberto DEL BIMBO Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 3 1) Automatic annotation of multimedia data by means of machine Learning tools Under verification by administrative offices?
          2) Personalization of web/multimedia services 
          3) Prediction and knowledge extraction in the biological domain
11 Università degli Studi di GENOVA Giovanna GUERRINI Computer Science (INF/01) 13 1) Querying and update in distributed and heterogeneous contexts Under verification by administrative offices?
          2) Machine learning methods and computational intelligence
          3) Computational topology tools for data analysis
12 IMT Institute for Advanced Studies LUCCA Rocco DE NICOLA Computer Science (INF/01) 4 1) Complex network theory ?
          2) Applications of complex networks to economical systems
          3) Applications of complex networks to social systems
13 Politecnico di MILANO Emanuele DELLA VALLE Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 6 1) Stream Reasoning: Reasoning over a variety of volatile streams of information Under approval
          2) Mega-Modeling
          3) Pervasive Data Management
          4) Data analysis and exploration
          5) Sensing Cloud, Sensing and Actuation as a Service (SAaaS), Cloud of Things, Things as a Service (TaaS), Mobile Crowdsensing as a Service (MCSaaS) 
14 Università degli Studi di MILANO Ernesto DAMIANI Computer Science (INF/01) 12 1) Big Data for Process Analysis and Mining Under verification by administrative offices
          2) Analysis of Big Data coming from networks and complex systems
          3) Multiscale regression
          4) Big Data for formal analysis 
          5) Big Data integration and crowd-collaborative data management
15 Università degli Studi di MILANO Bicocca Andrea MAURINO  Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 16 1) Open government: politics for the access to the information and social value of Big Data in the public sector Under verification by administrative offices?
          2) Semantic matching methods for the integration of heterogeneous information
          3) Massive data analysis in bioinformatics and systems biology
          4) Learning and inference of probabilistic models for data analytics
          5) Tools for web data access
          6) Knowledge integration and extraction
          7) Design for quality and quality assurance for big data systems
          8) Analysis, indexing and classification of images, videos and 3D objects
          9) software architectures for multisensorial systems
          10) Assessment of the quality of linked open data 
16 Università degli Studi di MODENA - REGGIO EMILIA Sonia BERGAMASCHI Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 21 1) Big data integration of heterogenous data sources: schema mapping, entity identification, fusion, data provenance, automatica annotation, linked data           ?
          2) Big data analytics and keyword search on structured data sources
          3) Big data in socio-technical systems
          4) Mining data produced by DNA sequencers
          5) Multimedia Big data: visual computing and multimedia processing
17 Università degli Studi di NAPOLI "Federico II" Antonio PICARIELLO Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 7 1) Semantic  Information Extraction and Retrieval from Multimedia Big Data Approved
          2) Big Data Analytics and Recommendation 
          3) Data-driven dependability and security analysis
          4) Low-complexity knowledge representation languages and reasoners
          5) Inference-proof publishing of confidential semantic data 
18 Università degli Studi di NAPOLI "Parthenope" Alfredo PETROSINO Computer Science (INF/01) 7 1) machine learning algorithms for clustering and data mining          ?
          2) Scalable feature extraction and scalable classification and clustering models 
          3) Classification and analysis for the anti-politics concept on Twitter
19 Seconda Università degli Studi di NAPOLI Beniamino DI MARTINO Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 12 1) Massive Agent Based simulations Approved
          2) Design of new parallel and scalable algorithms for analyzing more data 
          3) Big data for the management of Smart Grid e Smart Meters 
          4) Techniques and tools for the analysis of the natural language, classification and automatic knowledge extraction
20 Università degli Studi di PADOVA Alessandro SPERDUTI Computer Science (INF/01) 4 1) Machine learning approaches for streaming data analytics Under verification by administrative offices
          2) Process Mining and Business Process Analytics
          3) Information Retrieval, Search Engines, and Digital Archive Systems 
          4) Experimental Evaluation of Information Access Systems
21 Università degli Studi di PALERMO Domenico TEGOLO Computer Science (INF/01) 10 1) Multidimensional data, Metrics, Artificial vision, Statistical learning, Feature Selection, 3D reconstruction, Tomography, Capillaroscopy, Retinal Analysis, E-learning, didactic structures Under verification by administrative offices
          2) Content management and decision support through innovative human-machine interaction paradigms  
22 Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale “Amedeo Avogadro” Luigi PORTINALE  Computer Science (INF/01) 3 1) Machine learning and knowledge extraction Approved
          2) management and analysis of health care big data
          3) Retrieval and analysis of temporal series
          4) Extraction, clustering and verification of processes
23 Università di PISA Dino PEDRESCHI Computer Science (INF/01) 41 1) Big data analytics and social mining: human mobility, social networks, privacy and ethical values Approved
          2) Text Mining, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining, Multimedia Information Retrieval, Large Scale content Based Retrieval, Sensor Data Management, Hybrid Data Infrastructure, Virtual Research Environment
          3) Web and Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing
          4) Algorithms for compressed storage, indexing, semantic annotation and mining of big data
          5) Online Social Network analysis, Mobile Social Networks, Human mobility analysis and modelling
          6) Social Media Analysis and Social Sensing
          7) Big data analytics and social mining: human mobility, social networks, privacy and ethical values
          8) Data mining con tecniche basate sulla computational intelligence
24 Sapienza Università di ROMA Stefano LEONARDI Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 16 1) Web Algorithmics and Data Mining Approved
          2) Ontology-based Access to Big Data
          3) Performance engineering for big data computing
          4) Secure and dependable complex systems
25 Università degli Studi di ROMA Tor Vergata Giuseppe Francesco ITALIANO Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 7 1) Design, analysis and experimental evaluation of algorithms for high-dimensional data Under verification by administrative offices
          2) Modelling and analysis of social and communication networks 
          3) Algorithms for data intensive scalable computing
          4) Tools for knoledge extraction from heterogeneous web sources
          5) Thematic-based virtual community detection on the web 
          6) Recognition and control of collaboration and digital identity processes
26 Università del SALENTO Giovanni ALOISIO Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 3 1) Big data analytics on multidimensional databases from climate simulations Under verification by administrative offices
27 Università degli Studi di SALERNO Giuseppe PERSIANO Computer Science (INF/01) 17 1) Structure and dynamics of social networks for the computational analysis of social phenomena            ?
          2) Management and compression of multidimensional data
          3) Representation, analysis and transmission of biological datasets
          4) User profiling and web services personalization 
          5) Multi-lingual and multi-alphabet handwritten document processing
          6) Data mining in multi-domain and multi-view environments
          7) Massive Agent-Based simulations- Supporting the data analysis and modelling by means of massive simulations
          8) Intensive computation on GPUs -  GPU for infrastructure scaling and satisfying Big Data demands 
28 Università di TORINO Giancarlo RUFFO Computer Science (INF/01) 11 1) Machine Learning Under approval 
          2) Multidimensional data analysis and community detection by tensor decomposition
          3) Geographic-spatial data analysis, mobility analysis
          4) Models for the integration of information coming from (possibly heterogeneous) social networks 
          5) Analysis, storing and classification of multi-variate time series
29 Politecnico di TORINO Elena BARALIS Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 4 1) Big data and analytics            ?
30 Università degli Studi di TRENTO Yannis VELEGRAKIS Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 4 1) Data Integration, Entity Identification, Social Network Analysis, Profiling, Schema Mapping, Keyword Query Answering Under verification by administrative offices  
          2) Scientific data management, data series indexing, data series mining, streaming data analytics
          3) Big data frameworks, cloud computing, large-scale graph analysis
31 Università degli Studi di UDINE Stefano MIZZARO Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05)
10 1) Sistemi di Sorveglianza Under approval
          2) Data e Information Fusion
          3) Social Media
          4) Web of Data and Semantic Indexing
          5) Web information retrieval, Web Intelligence, Ontology engineering
          6) Big data in biomedicine: iteroperability, semantics, biomedical ontologies, gigapixel imaging
32 Università “Ca' Foscari” VENEZIA Salvatore ORLANDO Computer Science (INF/01) 4 1) Mobility data analitycs: visual OLAP, privacy-preserving analysis Under approval
          2) Search (querying / retrieval) techniques and tools
          3) Pattern mining
          4) Structural inference; complex networks
          5) Intensive computation on GPUs and cloud for information retrieval e big data analytics
33 Università Politecnica delle Marche
Domenico POTENA Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 6 1) Semantic-based Approaches for Big Data Modeling  
          2) Structuring Big Data (heterogeneous, unstructured, structured Big Data)
          3) Integration of Heterogeneous Big Data Sources
          4) Web of Data and Semantic Indexing
          5) Semantic Technologies for Big Data Querying and Retrieval
          6) Machine Learning based on Big Data
34 Università degli Studi di Perugia Fabrizio MONTECCHIANI Computer Engineering (ING-INF/05) 8 1) Models for Large Networks and Graphs Approved
          2) Query Languages for Big Data e Visual Query Languages for Big Data 
          3) Machine Learning based on Big Data e Visual Analytics for Big Data
          4) Algorithms and Programming Techniques for Big Data Processing e Algorithms for Large Scale Highly Dynamic Networks
          5) Big Data Information Security
          6) Performance Engineering for Big Data Computing
          7) Toolkit for Large Network Layout


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