BIG DATA Laboratory

The CINI "Big Data" Laboratory aims to be an Italian expertise center for the development of knowledge and technologies in the fields of Big Data and Data Science, which are of strategic importance in decisional processes within companies and government agencies, as well as for the analysis of large-scale social behaviors and for the solution of complex scientific problems.

The establishment of the Laboratory meets the following requirements of the national scientific community:

  • to ensure a critical mass to compete in the search market by participating in major initiatives at national and international level;
  • to avoid the duplication of efforts and strengthen cooperation for innovative solutions, perhaps patentable and not easily replicable;
  • to stimulate the creation of integrated actions based on common needs, priorities and specific intervention strategies.

To this end, the Laboratory actively operates within institutions and in the market via:

  • Communication activities;
  • Initiative incubation;
  • Network development;
  • Innovation process governance;
  • Initiative assessment and monitoring.

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