Cini Lab on Data Science

The mission of the CINI Data Lab on Science is to understand and better manage the data-centered revolution, offering an organization that manages the emerging challenges both from a scientific and application point of view.

The CINI Lab on Data Science aims to be the Italian collector of knowledge and technologies in the fields of Big Data and Data Science, which are of strategic importance in decisional processes within public and private institutions such as companies and government agencies, as well as for the analysis of any large-scale (e.g., social, biological, medical, socio-technical) system and behavior and for the solution of complex scientific problems fueled/driven by data (genomic data, DNA, image analysis). The lab aims to support the country in a transition towards a modern future, which is a necessary condition for the success of the country.


More specifically, the CINI Lab on Data Science will target several stakeholders, from scientific communities, researchers, professors, and students, to consumers and users (PA, industries, applied research, dissemination), as well as providers (basic and applied research) and decision-makers (strategies, law, funding) to:

  1. build a community ensuring a critical mass to compete in the search market by participating in major initiatives at national and international level (Community Building),
  2. strengthen the education network and the dissemination of the data science culture for shaping the future of Italy (Education and Dissemination),
  3. boost the technological transfer connecting the basic and applied research to the industry and operational environment maximizing the impact on society (Technological Transfer), as further detailed in the following. Activities supported by the CINI Lab on Data Science will consider the European Strategy for Data (, promoting a single market for data.

The lab will support the Common European dataspaces view that aims to “ensure that more data becomes available for use in the economy and society, while keeping companies and individuals who generate the data in control.”

Many challenges await us as indicated in the National Recovery Plan and Resilience (PNRR) and National Research Plan (PNR); the laboratory must take an active part by operating as a national hub for the development of activities of innovative research and central point of supply of skills, methodologies, technologies, and tools for Big Data and data science.

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