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The 1st Italian Conference on Big Data and Data Science (ITADATA2022) is the new annual event supported by the CINI Big Data National Laboratory that aims at putting together Italian researchers and professionals from academia, industry and government working in the field of big data and data science, as well as related fields (e.g., security and privacy, HPC, Cloud).

ITADATA2022 aims to discuss and shape the future of Big Data and Data Science in Italy and abroad, considering the multidisciplinary, complex, heterogeneous, and data-centric environment in which modern distributed systems are operating. The ability to timely manage and analyze large amounts of data, and to guarantee low-latency access to the data themselves increasingly become critical requirements and are at the heart of modern business processes. In this context, data science, as the foundation of today’s data-driven society, plays the role of developing and defining all the technologies needed to support construction of value on data in multidisciplinary areas at increasing complexity. ITADATA2022 covers theoretical and practical research pertaining to data, from data governance to data processing and analysis. It also covers research in related domains where data and data science technologies are key, such as cloud, edge and IoT, intelligent and high performance computing, blockchain, security and privacy, assurance and certification.


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