HPC: Key Technologies and Tools

The growing need to process extremely large data sets is the driving force accelerating the transition to high-performance computing. However, the flat data storage hierarchies with a central parallel file system are proving to be inadequate. Emerging multi-tier storage hierarchies could meet the needs of data-intensive applications but currently lack adequate control mechanisms for the available resources.



The EU-funded ADMIRE project plans to develop an adaptive storage system that should allow high-performance computing systems to deliver very high throughput and increase application performance. The aim is to significantly improve the runtime of applications in fields such as weather forecasting, remote sensing and deep learning.


Start date: 1 April 2021

Duration: 36 months 

Total cost: € 7 963 286,25

Project link: https://www.admire-eurohpc.eu/

Topic: EuroHPC-01-2019 - Extreme scale computing and data driven technologies


CINI Units involved

University of Pisa

University of Turin

University of Naples Parthenope

University of Milan


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