HPC: Key Technologies and Tools

The HPC ecosystem rests on three pillars which are the sectors 1) infrastructure, 2) enabling technologies for computing, 3) applications. The "HPC: Key Technologies and Tools" (HPC-KTT) laboratory focuses on the field of enabling technologies for computing and aims to collaborate closely with the main players in the other two sectors, such as supercomputing centers and centers of excellence on specific application domains.



The HPC-KTT laboratory focuses on programming and execution models and tools, system software, software engineering for high performance, energy consumption reduction, cloud computing access systems. Strategically, the HPC-KTT laboratory intends to participate as a major player in the modernization of high-performance computing and its applications.

The objectives of the HPC-KTT laboratory are:


  1. Form the critical mass of expertise around HPC themes in order to strengthen existing national and international research cooperations and establish new ones.

  2. Participate in both national and international research projects and large-scale actions on HPC issues, such as EuroHPC-JU calls. Participation in the laboratory is an opportunity for universities and consortium organizations that does not affect the members' ability to participate in research initiatives individually.

  3. Contribute to the HPC scientific community's coordination actions at the national level; participate in international forums representing the national community; contribute to the definition of national strategies in the fields of research, training, and technology transfer in the HPC field.


The actions aimed at strengthening the role of the Italian scientific community in international research initiatives include:


  • Participation and organization of international events and active presence in HPC initiatives at European level;

  • Participation in research projects both nationally and internationally;

  • Collaboration with international organizations and standardization committees related to HPC technologies (e.g., MPI and Khronos Group).

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