HPC: Key Technologies and Tools

The HPC ecosystem involves three distinct pillars: Infrastructures, Applications, and Key HPC Technologies. Within each one of these three areas, important challenges may be identified, as well as different evolution directions, including classical research topics, extreme scale specific requirements as well as education and training. And the whole HPC scenario is going to be redefined due to the convergence of traditional HPC (i.e., computationally intensive applications such as physical or chemical simulations) with the processing and storage of vast quantities of data.

In this scenario, the HPC: Key Technologies and Tools working group focuses on the key HPC Technologies pillar including programmability, energy efficiency and hardware/software design tradeoffs. 


The main activities of the working group include: 

  • Community building, exposing competences, fostering cooperation and coordinating research and dissemination activities

  • Organization of regular meetings and events aimed at enforcing cooperation on the HPC key infrastructure themes

  • Coordination of the submission of research project proposals to national and international calls, with particular emphasis on specific HPC related  EU programs and calls

  • Organization of institutional meetings with the main stakeholders of the sector, including national research institutions and administrative entities

  • Driving innovation in the education process of our undergraduate and master students on the topics related to HPC key technologies

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