In accordance to its bylaws, the Consortium aims at:

  1. developing scientific cooperations among its members and with domestic and international research institutes;
  2. developing and managing research labs;
  3. advances and inspires formation of researchers in informatics not only training of experts both basic and advanced technologies but in informatics applications by awarding grants and scientific researches;
  4. advances and inspires acceptance of methods and tools of innovative and advanced didactics for formation in informatics of the personnel, and the third parties;
  5. transfers the results of national and international research in the field of standard and industrial environment, public administration, supporting the creation of spin‐off university;
  6. stipulates with agreements at national and/or international level the public administration, public and private subjects, concerning the principles of applicable rules and laws;
  7. provides consulting and scientific research in the field of the informatics, while respecting the principles and the applicable rules of law and compatibly with the own legal nature.

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