The Data Public Private Partnership aims at strengthening the data value chain, in order to allow Europe to play a relevant role on Big Data in the global market.

What is the Data PPP about?

The European Commission will team up with European industry (large players and SMEs), researchers, academia in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in order to cooperate in data-related research and innovation, enhance community building around data and in order to set the grounds for a thriving data-driven economy in Europe.
Industry and academia have identified R&I priorities in a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).
In order to reach its objectives the PPP will make use of two major instruments:

  • Large lighthouse projects in candidate areas like manufacturing, personalised medicine and energy.
  • I-Spaces, environments where infrastructure is made available to bring technology providers and end-users together to identify services, skills, business models and ecosystems in which novel technology and applications can be built.

How will it be managed?

The Data PPP is a partnership between the European Commission and the Big Data Value Association, the association of the European Big Data community which includes data providers, data users, data analysts and research organisations.

The Data PPP will become operational in 2015.


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