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2 Postdoc Positions (Early Stage - Master’s Degree is required) on First Person (Egocentric) Vision

There are 2 Postdoc positions (1+1 years each) open at University of Catania. Master’s Degree is required for the application.

Deadline for application is 11 May 2021. This call for expression of interest is dedicated to outstanding students who wish to work in the context of First Person (Egocentric) Vision in Industrial Domain (https://iplab.dmi.unict.it/ENIGMA/).
Challenges related to the problems of Forecasting of Humans and Hands Trajectories (Position 1), Anticipation of Actions and Interaction with Objects (Position 2), as well as the Adaptation of the developed techniques on multi-target Domains (Position 1 and 2) will be considered in the study.

Call to Position 1:

Call to Position 2:

The postdocs will collaborate with industries, as well as with well recognized international scientists in the field. Expertise and prior knowledge in machine learning and computer vision are welcome. Prior publication at international conferences/journals is an advantage and are clearly considered for evaluation in the call for application. Ability to program in Python/C/C++ is desirable, as well as prior experience with Pytorch and TensorFlow.

The postdocs will work in the beautiful Catania, in Sicily, where life is cheap and there is a great quality of life (https://www.visitsicily.info/en/10cosea/catania/).

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