Workgroup Digital Health

The establishment of the "Digital Health Working Group" along with the nomination as coordinator of Prof. Mario Bochicchio, took place at the event "Health Digital Transformation in EU: The Role of Italian Academy" held on April 10, 2018 at the Aula Magna of the Department of Informatics, Automatic and Managerial engineering (DIAG) of the university "La Sapienza" in Rome, with the presence of the research groups belonging to 20 national universities, already active on the themes of computer science applied to the medical field, the president of CINI, Prof. Paolo Prinetto, Dr. Loukianos Gatzoulis (European Commission policy analyst, Directorate General-Health Food and Safety European Commission) and some representatives of the National Italian Institute of Health and SMEs.


The creation of the "Digital Health Working Group" follows the path traced by the CINI through the national laboratories of Big Data, Cybersecurity, Smart Cities, Informatica e Società and CFC as successful completion of the intense work of coordination and awareness conducted by all CINI research groups in the last three years.

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