COMPASS is an acronym for Composing Lifelong Learning Opportunity Pathways through Standards-based Services. COMPASS consists in the integration and extension of European standardization achievements in the field of learning opportunity and learning outcomes/competence information for the creation of models, open echnology infrastructure and meaningful services within a higher education context that target:

(a) The improvement of quality and relevance of offered learning opportunities to current and emerging labour market needs,
(b) The enhancement of mobility, making learning opportunities more visible and understandable for students that want to gain additional skills
(c) The strengthening of cross-border cooperation of HEIs in the definition of quality flexible learning pathways for their learners,
(d) The increase of social responsibility of HEIs through the transparent descriptions of their offerings,
(e) The implementation of sustainable infrastructure for all European HEIs and for the EU to leverage in the enhancement of existing or the creation of new related services.

In the framework of COMPASS, CINI participates through its AsTech - Assistive Technologies National Laboratory and, in particular, through the Lab’s Nodes of Pisa (Univ. Superiore S. Anna) and Torino. CINI involvement in COMPASS aims to develop a Pilot Testing methodology and evaluation plan to assess the services delivered, as well as to populate the database of learning pathways.
The COMPASS project is undertaken by a consortium of 7 partners across Europe; apart from CINI, the following Institutions are involved:


For more information about the project, please refer to the COMPAS web site at

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