Location: Dresden, Germany

Dates: March 14 - 18, 2016

Theme and Scope: Medical, healthcare, and life science applications require increasingly smarter and smaller devices enabling to easily interact among each other, with the environment and with the users in a smooth and smart way. Personal and personalized medicine and rehabilitation is leading to a significant increase in both complex lab solutions as well as a myriad of consumer-like disposable devices. This topic covers the use of ambient intelligence, wireless body sensor networks, assistive and wearable technologies for healthcare, rehabilitation and wellness. This includes but it is not limited to: technologies for ultra-low/zero power systems for personal vital signs monitoring (such as heart rate, fitness devices); body area networks; mobile system for motor rehabilitation and assessment; (bio)feedback system for rehabilitation; wearable computing technologies, devices and systems for supporting healthy lifestyle and fitness; ambient assisted living technologies; innovative implantable miniaturized sensors and actuators; smart spaces for elderly and impaired users, technologies for motor disorders; personal health devices and assistive technology; Bio-MEMS; lab-on-a-chip; power management, on-board performance optimization and networking technologies for body area networks and ambient intelligence in wellness, healthcare and fitness.

Submission deadline: Sunday, September 13, 2015 23:59:59 CET

More Information: http://www.date-conference.com/group/tpc/members/2016/A4

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