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ADdressing DIfficult problems in a Computationally Tractable fashION - ADDICTION

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Inria International Partnership AMICI


ADDICTION is the second event organised by the Inria AMICI International Partnership. The goal of ADDICTION is to focus on smart data structures, algorithm engineering and experimental algorithms, probabilistic algorithms, and (M)ILP approaches simple and enumerative for dealing with exponential problems with a particular focus on computational biology. The School is addressed to young researchers at the PhD student or postdoc level, but also to any other interested listeners. The scope of ADDICTION is international.




CINI is committed to:

• cash the registration fee by bank transfer

• Issue a periodic report to the starting day of the conference on the status of the collection of fees

• invoice / receipt to the subscribers

• manage the payments of suppliers listed by the conference organizers



16/11/2014 – 21/11/2014

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