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“Bando per la creazione e lo sviluppo di Unità di ricerca” – programma FESR – competitività regionale 2007-2013 per la costituzione di Unità di Ricerca



Open Health Core Network Analysis per lo studio e I'identificazione di nuovi target terapeutici per lo malattia di Parkinson - Open Source Drug Developement - OSDD

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The objective is to create a Cloud Computing platform for Open Source Drug Development (OSDD), one project management tool for the sharing of research projects and experimental data in the biomedical field. Deliverables at the end of the project:

The OSDD platform will be accessible online, manage multiple users simultaneously, and manage permissions and privileges differ according to the type of user (administrator, researcher, publisher of the magazine, etc.);

In the platform OSDD must be loaded and run at least the pilot project on the study of gene markers of Parkinson's disease;

The platform must demonstrate the ability to attract and involve researchers at national, European and international level;

The platform should have access to and be enrolled a significant number of researchers from different international research centers

Responsabile CINI

Prof. Alfredo Benso



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