Cybersecurity National Laboratory

Every economy of an advanced nation relies on information systems and interconnected networks, thus in order to ensure the prosperity of a nation, it’s then mandatory to make the cyberspace a safe place.


Assuring the security and the resilience of the cyberspace has then become a national security issue as to protect the political, economic and industrial interests of the Country’s system itself. That’s why in the past years, National Security Strategies have bloomed in order to try facing this issue which the economic superiority of the future decades is based on. Stealing national companies or governmental authority’s secret information, attacking essential infrastructures for the nation’s operation or the absence of continuity of the strategic computer services due to natural phenomena can be considered as an extreme example of a broad spectrum of threats which can lead to a country’s economic impoverishment.

Due to the complex and prickly case, all advanced Nations find in an innovative relationship among private, public and research a way to reinforce the country’s cyber protection. Nevertheless,  the critical infrastructure and national cyberspace’s protection can be  considered as an extraordinary economic opportunity for the country’s development in terms of industrial competence and research.

The national excellence in the security field is now well verifiable in scientific and industrial fields and it boasts of a significant presence in several regions. This excellence will be able to have important effects just in case it will be well coordinated and supported by an efficient national network. Italy is indeed a rich soil for information security initiatives, which could be the source of a possible employment for the present and future generations.

The National laboratory of Cybersecurity aims to coordinate this network and to introduce National and International activities to help the country in better facing the cyber threats, improving the service continuity of the critical systems, increasing the society awareness, improving the protection toward the cyber attacks of the public administration and of the companies and supporting standard definition processes and methodological national frameworks. The national and international’s coordination work done by the National Laboratory of Cybersecurity, will allow us to keep the Italian scientific excellence in this field alive thanks to joined initiatives and to continuous information flow we’d like to achieve among members,  real and academic world.

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