Smart Cities & Communities

Smart Cities and Smart Communities are getting momentum, both in the national and international context, as shown by the large number of on-going activities on these specific topics. Many cities, also in Italy, have started programs aimed at achieving ambient sustainability, providing innovative services, involving citizens in the city governance, and promoting social inclusion. In few words, improving the quality of life.   


In this framework, the Smart Cities & Communities National Lab, promoted by CINI, aims to be an Italian competence center in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Smart Cities. Its main objective is the development of innovative solutions for improving the citizens’ quality of life. As this requires a multi-disciplinary approach, the Lab is open to researchers working in areas different from ICT.

The Lab meets the following requirements of the national scientific community:


  • reaching the critical mass to participate in major research initiatives, both at national and international level;
  • stimulating the cooperation among researchers from different Universities, making the development of innovative solutions feasible;
  • promoting collaborative actions based on common needs and shared strategies.


To achieve the above mentioned goals, the Lab intends to cooperate actively with city administrators to better understand cities’ and citizens’ needs, as well as with industrial partners to implement joint research programs and technology transfer.


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