The CINI Laboratory of Embedded Systems & Smart Manufacturing fosters synergy within the network of Italian universities, to reach the critical mass of researchers required to devise and implement innovation actions at national and international level, as well as to aid the country favour the transition of local industry to the highest levels of technological advancement.


The competence of the Laboratory spans the following research topics, for methods and tools, and application areas:

  •          Programmable Hardware, Processors, Co-processors and Microcontrollers
  •          Smart Sensors and actuators
  •          Network and communication for embedded system
  •          Operating Systems for efficient and predictable Embedded Systems
  •          Tools and methods for real-time and secure embedded systems
  •          Models and formalism for embedded software specifications and design
  •          Hardware/software projects ecosystems
  •          Hardware security and trust
  •          Paradigms for Technology management
  •          Energy Management, power efficiency and approximate computing in embedded nodes
  •          Embedded network communications for autonomous driving
  •          Integration of Industrial communication standards in IoT
  •          Manufacturing e knowledge management
  •          Smart Cyber-Physical Systems architectures
  •          Smart Systems Integration and Internet of Things Applications
  •          Technology acquisition and innovation transfer
  •          Human Machine Interface
  •          Interoperability solutions for Smart Manufacturing
  •          Safety critical systems design, benchmarking and certification
  •          Field-based dependability assessment of critical embedded systems.

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